Technology Curriculum

Technology Curriculum

Pre K – 1st Grade

Students in Pre K through 2nd Grade will be learning a variety of basic computer skills including:

Parts of a computer

Taking care of a computer

Keyboard and Mouse

Finding keys, drag and drop, double click

Unplugged Coding skills

Google Apps

Digital Literacy

Internet Safety

2nd-5th Grade

Students in 2nd through 5th Grade will be mainly using the Techsmart Coding Curriculum during Technology class. This course is aimed for students in 2nd 4th Grade who are looking to explore beginning computer science. Using curriculum created by TechSmart, a Seattle based EdTech company, students begin by learning drag-and-drop block-based coding. This will provide a strong foundation for students and would assist in a transition to writing line-based coding in Python, a language professional coders use. The course includes a variety of coding techniques, exercises, and projects. Coding encourages critical thinking and problem solving, as well as offers a fun, creative, and safe space to explore technology!


Students in 2nd-5th will also participate in digital literacy, internet safety, and other Computer Science lessons!